Elephants of Liwonde National Park

22 Jul

Time to catch up on posts about my recent African travels. The first week of July 2013 was a really special week for me.  It marked my first visit to Liwonde National Park, a game reserve in the South of Malawi.  It was just an hour from where I was staying in the mountains of Zomba, but a whole world away.  Today its time to show you the elephants.  The advantage of traveling with someone who used to be the manager of the national park was that he knew where to find the animals, so I will be sharing lots of great photos over the next few days.


So, as you can see Liwonde is not far from the Mozambique border.  Situated on the Shire (pronounced Shi-ray) river, it has a wealth of animals.  Today you can see the elephants…..


My first glimpse was of a tusker at the rear of a herd, heading down to the water to drink.  Once he had crossed the road we drove a little further along the dust road and saw the rest of the group crossing the river.

Elephant family cross the river

Elephant family cross the river (2)

And on the banks……

Elephant ear flap


I just love Dumbo above!

Tusker in the river

Elephant distruction

But despite their beauty, they cause horrendous destruction, stripping and up-rooting trees.  You have to admire their strength and their beauty though!   Aren’t they amazing!!! 🙂

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