Sights of Zomba

27 Jul

Zomba in South Malawi was firstly the capital of British Central Africa, then Nyasaland, before the establishment of the Republic of Malawi in 1964, when it remained the capital until  Lilongwe took its place in 1974. The Parliament remained in Zomba even longer, until 1994. The city is best known for its Colonial Architecture and pleasant climate.  Its also the home of Chancellor College of the University of Malawi.

There were many beautiful birds at my place of residence… like this Dark Capped Bulbul.


I stayed at Annie’s Lodge….


And this was the view from my balcony, past the kitchen to the plateau…..


Its a quaint hotel opposite the botanical gardens, a place not just for a peaceful walk among the flowers and trees, but also to watch the baboons.


They were great entertainment!


The gardens are a place to go back to nature, listening to the bees buzzing…..


A great venue for an early morning walk…..


Its just so peaceful….






Couldn’t believe the size of these yellow flowers, they were 6-8 inches in diameter…. would love to know what they are called.  If you know, please comment.


Loved the butterflies too.  I am told this is a Novice (Amauris Ochlea).


Just a stones throw from Annie’s you can see the old colonial buildings.

buildings of zomba

Keep on walking up the hill through the forest and past the waterfall…


and you come to some breathtaking views….

Zomba mountains

Zomba sunset


If you are going to Malawi and want some chill time, then stop at Zomba! Its the perfect place to relax and be still with God.  He sure got my attention while I was there and the beauty of His creation was overwhelming!

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