Flutter buzz

29 Jul

This morning I spotted some old favourites and captured some new ones on film (or should I say SD card).

First was our garden friend the Large White (Pieris Brassicae).  There were lots of males and females fluttering around the gardens and the hedgerow by the fields this morning. This one is a female, you can tell by the spots. Know as ‘Cabbage Whites’ they are the only butterflies in this country that cause damage to crops.  Beautiful through, aren’t they!


But perhaps more exciting for me today was my first glimpse of a Small Copper (Lycaena Phlaeas)…


Its a tiny butterfly with a wing span of just 35mm and rather swift, so great to catch it sitting still.  Here is a close up…. it’s a stunning colour.


On the same plant were a huge number of bees…. will need some help to identify these though…


And nearby another new one for me… I knew it was a dragonfly but had to look up what type?  I think it’s a Common Darter, but am willing to be corrected.


I wonder what new treats will be in store tomorrow?

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