Flying machines

30 Jul

It was a dull, very cloudy morning with a cool breeze as I walked Buddy and I didn’t think I would see much of interest. But even on a dull day it is surprising what creatures are out and about.  I’ve had quite a problem identifying some of them though so your comments are appreciated if you can help me out.

Sitting on the brambles was a large brown butterfly that I think might be a slightly shaggy Ringlet or a Meadow Brown – can someone help?  It seemed bigger than the other Ringlets I have seen and the rings were not very clear. It certainly liked the brambles.


Then there was a male Large White on a nearby leaf…. I could name that one!


Next to that a ?? fly, help!


And a flying yellow and black stripy thing… is it a hover fly?


With a friendly bee….


And then a few bigger flying creatures…. I guess the one below is a Herring Gull sitting on the chimney.


And sitting on the garden fence… is this Mrs Blackbird?


I wonder how many different flying creatures there are living in Crowland.  Clearly I have a lot of names to learn.,,,, help appreciated……

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