Ferry meadows in the sun…

01 Aug

A scorcher this afternoon!  When my car temperature gauge hit 38 degrees I wondered if someone had transported me from Peterborough to the Sahara, but no sand in sight.  Admittedly I was parked in the sun, but the BBC says at 5.30pm is is still 31 degrees so it must be one of the hottest days of the year.  A great time for a walk by the lake, nature spotting, hiding in the shade and refueling with an ice-cream.

I saw lots of exciting things today.  The first new creature to be photographed was a Speckled Wood, hiding in the shade.  It refused to open its wings, more concerned with having its afternoon siesta.

Speckled Wood

Then was something I had been looking for for weeks…. This I think is Britain’s most beautiful butterfly.  However it took the patience of a saint to get it to open its wings for a camera shot.  It sat near the water’s edge, wings closed….


Then gradually it started to open them.  Have you guessed what it is?

Peacock half open

Yes, a peacock.  I love it!

Peacock open

Walking along the lakeside I spotted a guy fishing.  He had just caught something and was reeling it in.


I initially presumed it was a fish…. after all he was a fisherman!  However, it was in fact an eel.


He had great problems trying to hold it…


But eventually it posed for the camera…


This was followed by a water stop to rehydrate and then a look at the wildfowl on the water.  The swans were so majestic in the sunlight.



I can’t quite say the same for the straggly signets…….


It was good to see the coots swimming about with the flock of Canada Geese.



And the cormorants on their usual spot on the buoys on the lake.


And even better seeing the Canada Goose family .


With the goslings…..


Last but not least I spotted some bigger creatures……


Trying to walk on water…


A fun outing in the British sunshine – yes, we do have sun some sometimes!


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One response to “Ferry meadows in the sun…

  1. Emma Carroll

    August 1, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    Lovely shots Sian!!


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