Living still

04 Aug

I’ve been reading a book by Abby Lewis called ‘Living Still‘.  It says, “Being B-U-S-Y can be thought of as Being Under Satan’s Yolk. Under this influence, we typically neglect resting in God’s Presence and are often distracted from what He is calling us to do. When I hear people say they are too busy, I encourage them to seek God’s direction on how to structure their time. God calls us to be active servants, but He does not desire us to be so active that we feel chaotic and lose our joy.”

I’ve been so busy lately that God has been pushed out. I realised while in Malawi that work had taken over my life and I needed to get the balance back.  Now, Iike Abby, I am trying to reconnect with God not just through setting time aside each day for reading scripture but also by appreciating the beauty of his creations and having times of stillness as I walk in the countryside.


Walking is a great way to escape the BUSY and be still.  I am amazed at the creatures I see.  Yesterday there were hundreds of dragonflies.



Lots and lots of Large Whites (including this female).


All amazing creatures, but ones I had seen before. I prayed to see something new to admire.  A few steps later I saw my first Comma (Polygonia c-album).


I’m not sure how many species of butterflies there are in Crowland but I have seen quite a few now; I hope there are more to come.

As I was walking I thanked God for the beauty of the Comma and the Peacock butterfly I had seen the other day at Ferry Meadows.  I had had to wait for it to open its wings but it was worth the wait to see its beauty.  No sooner had I prayed this then look what landed on the grass right by me….. wings outstretched in the sunshine.


What a beautiful creation God has made and how God knows just what we need to uplift us.


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