Rain walk

04 Aug

I had planned a long walk for today after church but just before we set out I nipped into the garden for a few flower shots… this is one of the lilies on my pond…


And there were are some hover flies around a flower. I’m not hot on names of flowers, so comment if you know the name of this one….


Then the rain came down, so instead of venturing out I had a siesta.  When I woke from my Sunday slumbers the weather forecast said it would be sunny for the rest of the afternoon, the clouds threatened otherwise, but I decided to risk it.  Buddy and I headed past the gardens…. spotting a Red Admiral (but I was too slow to snap a photo) and a Comma on route…


There were some brilliant yellow flowers covered with bumble bees….


And then as we reached the fields it started to spit with rain.  Sheltering near the hedgerow I spotted yet another Comma, on the thistles this time.


Some bees…


And then the heavens opened!  Thank God for trees!  Buddy and I ran for cover and sheltered under this sycamore tree, waiting for the clouds to pass.


The rain seemed to bring out new creatures, like snails…..



And slugs……


But the treat of the day had to be this beetle.


I was amazed to find out that one fifth of the 1.5 million species on earth are beetles.  How come I have not seen them before on my walks…. am I not looking carefully enough? They range in size from less than a millimeter to over six inches.


This is a type of longhorn beetle. Can anyone shed light on the species?  I understand there are about 60 species of longhorn beetles in the UK and this is the first time I have ever seen one!


Next was a ringlet….


Then as I headed home I heard a noise in the trees and just turned round in time to spot a robin…


Then it was down past the field


and home. Praise God for the wonders of nature!

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