05 Aug

A day off, great!  A long walk, lots of photos…. or that was the plan.  However, the good ole British weather had other ideas.  Rain….. so no new pics today I thought.

However, amazingly rather than just the sparrows and starlings, we had some new visitors to the garden in the rain. And thanks to my birdie friend James I now know what they are called.

My first newcomer was a bit of a mystery.  My initial thought was that it was a blue tit, but it was missing the blue!

Bluetit Juvenile 2 Crowland 050813

Now I realise that it is a juvenile and they are know to be more yellow. It had a good feast on the nuts…

Bluetit Juvenile with nuts Crowland 050813

And did lots of somersaults on the bird feeders… flitting from one to the other until the starlings scared it away.

Bluetit Juvenile Crowland 050813

The second new visitor stumped me.  I had no idea what is was…. I thought it might be some sort of thush, but was wrong.

Dunnock 2 Crowland 050813

This my friends is a Dunnock. It’s a small brown and grey bird, quiet and unobtrusive. I saw it on its own, creeping near to the bush, moving with a rather nervous, shuffling gait, flicking its wings as it went.

Dunnock 3 Crowland 050813

Some say it looks like a dull bird, but I was amazed to find out that it has a reputation for the bird with the most active sex life!! Dunnocks take just one-tenth of a second to copulate and have sex more than 100 times a day. Wow!!!  Never underestimate a Dunnock!

Dunnock Crowland 050813

In between the rain showers I managed to take Buddy for a windy walk.  In the field were some small Skippers hanging on for dear life as the wind gust across their path.

Pair of Small Skippers Crowland 050813

One had just enough time to open its wings before the next gust came.

Small Skipper Crowland 050813

And I saw a quick glimpse of a small tortoiseshell, before it was also blown away….

Small Tortoise Shell Crowland 050813

Then in the trees was another new bird.  I’m still not sure what it is but am guessing at a female Chaffinch although the light was poor and it was spitting with rain so I may be wrong. Can anyone help?

Chaffinch 2 Crowland 050813

What so you think?  Any other ideas?

Chaffinch 3 Crowland 050813

Chaffinch Crowland 050813

So all in all, what I thought was going to be a washout turned into a day blessed with new species and nice pics. Thank you Lord.

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