12 Aug

In this hectic world we are often heard to say that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do. Sound familiar?

Are you a workaholic? Is there so much to do at the office that there is no time to take a day out with family and friends or to go home early and have fun together?

What about time for stillness with God?  Is life is too busy to have a quiet time every day, to take time to appreciate God’s creation, to read His word, pray, praise and listen?

How do you spend your well earned money? On a nice house, expensive cars, designer clothes, jewellery and those other little luxuries? Do you tithe or is there not enough left to help those in need?

This scenario seems to resemble my life…. caught up in the rat race with a worldly view of the importance of being appreciated for what I do and being surrounded by nice things – my earthly treasures.

But during the last two weeks I have been challenged by the following scriptures from Luke’s gospel:

The Parable of the Rich Young Fool (Luke 12:13-21), where Jesus warns of the dangers of greed and storing up earthly possessions. The farmer plans to build bigger barns to store up his earthly treasures.

Crowland Barns 070813

Well if we are not farmers we might not be building barns, but our barns might take other forms… what are yours?

Cars Riches Crowland 070813

Large houses, cars, expensive jewellery, designer clothes….. Are these our treasures we are storing up on earth?

But Jesus warns that we can’t take these things with us. We might enjoy them for a while, but their pleasure does not last. When our time is up what will matter is not the earthly treasures we have stored up, but the way we have lived our life. As my previous blog Feeling the pain asks us to consider, did we used the resources God has given us to bless others, to help the poor or just for our own pleasure?

However, I don’t think this passage is just about material wealth, after saying how God will provide for us, in verse 34 Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, your heart will be also”.

What is your treasure? What do you value most? Surely a good indication of this is how we spend not only our money, but also our time.

Is work my treasure? If so, should it be?

This passage called me to question how much I really value my family and friends if I am so engrossed in work that I have no time to spend with them.  What do I value more – relationships or work?  Clearly we are not all called to give up our jobs, we have mortgages to pay and people to provide for. Our work can be a way of serving God. But even so, perhaps we can keep a better balance.

We prioritise the things that are truly important to us, our treasure. If we truly value something or someone, we will make time for them because that is where we want to be.  For where our treasure is our heart will be also.

This made me realise that I did not have time to spend with God not because life was too hectic, but because a quiet time was not my priority.  I managed to find time to work extra hours at the office, to go shopping, surf the net and watch movies.  That’s not saying that these things are wrong, or that we should not do them, rather that there is a need to consider what we truly value in life. With our treasures identified it is then time to rebalance life so that time is spent building heavenly treasures and not just earthly one.

That’s the theory, now the hard bit… time to live it out in practice….


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2 responses to “Treasures

  1. Paige Hanks

    August 12, 2013 at 11:17 am

    Love this reflection!


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