Earthquake hits small town in Rhymney Valley, house destroyed with child casualties

24 Dec

December 23rd was a day when floods swept across South Wales, roads turned to rivers, with many lives and homes devastated.


But this was not the only tragedy to hit one post-mining community. At 10pm local time an earthquake struck with its epicenter in Bargoed.  Reaching 7.5 on the ginger scale, it demolished a house with its debris landing on two young children.  The house, in the town of Bargoed, was newly constructed.  The first quake resulted in part of the roof collapsing, which landed on the two children who were playing in the front garden. They died instantly.  Later tremors caused the then unstable property to collapse totally with just the front wall of the house remaining standing.  It’s a well known safety measure that when an earthquake strikes you should stand under the door frame of the house.  If only these children had done this then they would be alive today.

Neighbours stated, “It was a beautiful house, we watched the young owners pour their heart and soul into its construction and decoration.  Its so sad that a freak act of nature could cause not only the house to be destroyed but for the children to meet such a tragic end.”

The following before and after photographs illustrate the terrible scene….

DSC_0398             Collapse

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